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uicilibris::w2book::wiki2book Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __str__
def applyPLugins
def convert2book
def getWikiContents
def imageCount
def include_addresses
def include_file_recursive
def include_one_address
def includeInstruction
def isUrl
def loadUrlLines
def parse_bool
def parse_usepackage
def postamble
def preamble
def processTabular
def registerImage
def reloadCache
def reloadCacheIndirect
def sanitize
def toFile
def toStdErr
def url2lines
def wikiTemplates

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

a class which enriches wikiParser with a LaTeX/Book
export feature.

The underlying wikiParser already processes input files or an url
pointing to a table of contents in a mediawiki and modifies the
content with templates defined in wikiParser.processTemplates4L

Definition at line 78 of file w2book.py.

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